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60-Days to Reach Your Goals


You launched your business


You checked off all the boxes of how to launch your business


You started with your clients you knew and got referrals


But now, you've been in business just about two years


And you need to grow the number of new clients coming in to sustain and SCALE your business.


You have a sense of your goals and where you're going, but you need a clear step-by-step plan to get there


And you need it now.

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60-Days to Impact GIves You

and an Action Plan

60-Days to Impact

This 60-Day intensive is for women business owners who are ready to take decisive action in their business and need a customized approach to reach their goals.
Includes 60-Days of intensive training followed by two months of support as you implement your personalized strategy. 
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Personalized Strategy & Action Plan

Stop guessing what the next step is you should take. Now you'll know. I'll create your strategy and step-by-step plan to implement through our one-on-one calls. You book our zoom meetings based on what is best for your schedule!

Start Building Community Immediately 

Connect with other group members, network, and partner on future projects! There are two group training calls, and monthly coffee-networking dates so you can connect with other like-minded women doing great work in their community. Also included for a limited time is a one-year membership to my private online community 'The Boardroom' where you get monthly guidance in the foundational and growth aspects of running your business.

2-months of Support after Training Program

The goal is for you to not just succeed - but have a POWERFUL impact in your business, and I recognize you'll have further questions and need a bit of guidance as you implement your action plan. This is why I include two months of support (tech and strategy) while you implement.


YES! I Want To Apply (10 Spots Available)

I help you achieve your goals, simplify your processes, and create powerful campaigns that convert through my combination of authentic messaging and strategic planning.

Be Visible. Be Impactful. 


In this program, I step you through not only your strategic plan but also your social media strategy - to gain the visibility you need to reach your goals.

I help you achieve your goals, simplify your processes, and create powerful campaigns that convert through my combination of high-quality design and authentic messaging. 

In this 60-Day program, I take you step by step through defining your impact goal, the strategic plan to create that impact, and the positioning and leveraging needed to be visible.

I know firsthand what is like to want to reach for more, and have no guidance around you when you most need it. What you are meant to do is already within you. You're ready. It's time to stop playing small, or guessing. Let's get you taking powerful action and living in your purpose.

What You Gain in 60-Days  


 A complete strategic plan to have the impact you have been waiting for. Complete with messaging, visuals, resources, and support to step out of your comfort zone and reach farther.

You've had the various programs or coaches selling you their exact method so you can replicate their success. But you've found yourself frustrated, not seeing the growth or results you were expecting.

I don't work that way.

I get to know YOU. The AUTHENTIC you, and once we are clear on your impact goal (is it your business, nonprofit, speaker, trainer, organizer...) Once we are clear on your goal I craft a strategy to get you there, leveraging those elements that are uniquely you (with a sprinkle of viral messaging ;) ). 

Anyone who tells you there is only one way to show up online is just pushing you through a program and will not truly support your growth.

What makes my approach successful is it is grounded, it is honest (no party tricks or bought followers), and it is centering you.

My superpower is seeing the strength you already have in you and helping you craft a message and a plan to bring you out into the light. I have helped hundreds of women who were struggling to see their own strength, hear their own voice, and guided them through the fog, through the noise to a place of clarity where they can excel the way they were always meant to.

Real Results. Every time.

All The Tools You Need To Create Lasting Impact  


What's Included:
  • Personalized Strategic Plan (value $1,200)
  • Social Media Strategy (value $1,300)
  • Landing Page & Client Funnel (Value $1,200)
  • 1-year Membership in the Private Boardroom Community (value $1,200)
  • Focused Action Plan to create greater impact
  • Four One-on-One Strategy Calls with Jasmine (you book the time!)
  • 6-Step Focused Road Map to create greater impact
  • Speaker Page for speaking engagements (value $850)
  • Design Package for optimizing your social profiles with your main message (value $1,350)
  • Workbook of prompts and inspiration to empower you along the way
  • Weekly Video Training taking a deep-dive into the week's theme (value $150)


Bonus #1

BUILD YOUR MOVEMENT Accelerator Course (Value $550)

Take away the mysteries of how to reach new audiences with your social media, craft viral posts, and define your viral messaging.  

Bonus #2

LANDING PAGE (value $1,200)

A complete landing or sales page to launch your new brand, new venture, or new product.


Bonus #3


Cut the learning curve in half with this step-by-step through the mysteries and tech elements of hosting your own podcast.

Program Modules

Module One: Clarity

We start with a deep dive into your goals, skills, and dreams to get clarity on how you can have the most impact that aligns with your authentic self.

Module Two: Personal Roadmap

Now that you know where you're going, we map your plan to achieve your goals.

Module Three: Positioning for Influence

In module three you'll focus on learning the skills needed to position yourself towards your goal. 

Module Four: Accept The Challenge

This module is designed to push you out of your comfort zone with a series of challenges that step you through taking massive, imperfect action towards your goal.

Module Five: Finalize Your Strategy

Taking everything we've learned and worked on, we meet 1:1 and finalize your strategic plan and your social media plan.

Module Six: Launch

Launch your new product, business, service, podcast, nonprofit - the goal we defined in Module One. But don't worry, you still have two months of support because I know you can succeed, and I'm here to make sure of it.

Apply Today (10 Seats Available)

Building Viral Movements since 2014 


With my unique combination of strategic planning and authentic messaging, I quickly became a highly sought-after digital strategist for companies and nonprofits of any size.

I take complicated, noisy, online spaces and simplify your goals, processes, and messaging before layering in a level of strategy and design to create powerful campaigns that convert. 

I have created millions in sales revenue for my clients through strategic messaging, positioning, and automation. 

Are you ready to take decisive action in your business today?



  • Passed $6.6 Billion Bond Measure through a public information campaign

  • Increased weekly social media impressions from 150 to 23,000 in six months

  • Increased marketing exposure from 60,000 non-targeted to 360,000 targeted impressions in four months

  • Increased patient intake 30% in four months

  • Increased admission applications 50% in six months

  • Reached 8.8 million targeted impressions in six months

  • Building an organization to 22 chapters statewide

  • Organizing six million participants to marches in 2017

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Who is this for?   


Women who have ambition, a vision, and a calling, but need the resources, training, and a plan to get there.


60-Days To Impact gives you the clarity to move forward with focus, the education to utilize resources to empower you, and the community and support to lift you up into greater action. You know you were made for something greater - you just need an action plan to get there.

Through this 60-Day Program, participants have

  • Been Elected To Public Office
  • Started Nonprofits
  • Launched Podcasts
  • Published Books
  • Started Community Movements
  • Re-Launched Businesses
  • Built Their Own Training Courses
  • Started Companies
  • Created Policy Change in Their Communities


YES! I'm Ready To Apply!


If you get a chance to work with Jasmine run don't walk. She's amazing. 


Jas is super in tuned, brilliant, and has an authentic process. PLUS she is focused on being grounded in service! A true GEM!!!!


I highly recommend Jas and her team. Her support has been invaluable.


I had a one hour call with Jasmine before my first launch, and I took 4 whole pages of notes. Now I always ask to record our calls because she gives has so much info to give. She has so many resources, strategies, and ideas. It is so impressive. I have scaled my company three times, and now I check in with her every time.


I have worked with Jasmine for almost 10 years. She has been involved in some of the biggest movements in the country yet she is so down to earth and fun! There is no denying she gets results


With Jasmine's program, I was able to create my entire brand, website, and socials, and learn to position myself so I could be a community leader. I know how to better who up in all the spaces I am in so I can sit on commissions and boards and create change in my community. It has been a serious game-changer.


What is the application process?
We have you fill out a questionnaire so we can confirm you are a good fit for the program, and we then follow up with a link to schedule a 1:1 meet and greet with Jasmine. 

* Unlike most program applications, this call is not a sales call. It is a chance for you to meet and for you to ask questions.*

If there is alignment with your goals and timeline, then you will be sent a formal invitation to join.

Upon acceptance to the program, you will be sent a link to finalize your deposit. Your confirmation email will have the link to book your onboarding and 1:1 calls. The first video module is available immediately in the membership portal.

Subsequent modules drip out once a week. (IE: If you purchase on a Monday you immediately have the welcome/intro module, and the "Week One" video opens up on Thursday. New videos are unlocked each Thursday thereafter)

What if I only want the video course and not the calls with Jasmine?
We have a 6-week course option that is just the weekly training for $550 HERE.

How Long is Each Video Training?
Each week's videos are between 30 minutes to an hour of content, depending on the module.

When Are My One-on-One Calls?
When you complete your order you are given a link to book your calls on Jasmine's calendar at a time and day that works best for you! 

What if I have questions?
You can email any time at [email protected]

I'm trying to place my order but am getting an error message?
This means the course is currently full. You can either:
a) Take the video-only version of the course HERE or
b) Email and ask to be added to our waiting list for the next cohort at [email protected]