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Jasmine Partida


My name is Jasmine, and I will transform your messaging & your online brand.


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As a business strategist and technology expert, I am behind the scenes but impactful in nature. I design successful communication plans, develop relationships with target markets, and create sustainable revenue. As an industry authority and innovative leader, I teach businesses how to use digital media platforms, social media channels, and online tools in order to effectively implement communication strategies and campaigns.My insights come from representing the largest regional park in the U.S. to co-founding Women’s March California, along with creating the digital strategy and external communications for the 2017 Women's March on Washington.


Successful Performance Measures Include

  • Passed $6.6 Billion Bond Measure through a public information campaign

  • Increased weekly social media impressions from 150 to 23,000

  • Increased marketing exposure from 60,000 non-targeted to 360,000 targeted impressions in four months

  • Increased patient intake 30% in four months

  • Increased admission applications 50% in six months

  • Reached 8.8 million targeted impressions in six months

  • Building an organization to 22 chapters statewide

  • Organizing six million participants to marches in 2017


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Social Media: Bite-Size  

In this show, social media expert Jasmine Partida teaches you about viral campaigns, social media strategies, and breaking social media into bite-sized episodes of 10-15 minutes. If you are overwhelmed with social media and looking to simplify, strategize, and clarify your social media, you’re in the right place.

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