Welcome to the launch of my new affiliate program for my "100 Posts Package"

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Support Small Businesses & Earn Some Extra Money For Yourself

 $50-$100 per Booking

Your commission is 3%, equaling $75 from the package price of $2,500. And if they use your 25% off code, you'll still earn $50! When the package price goes up to $3,500 later this year, you'll be earning $100 on each booking! (please note the package price goes up Dec 1, once a quarter there will be a sale for the $2,500 rate with limited spots available)

40% Off On Your Own 100 Post Pack 

I want you to fully understand and know the 100 post-pack so you can talk about it with confidence and be authentic in the amazing benefits for business owners! Sign up for the affiliate program and get your one time 40% off code in your welcome email.

Go Up in Levels, Earn fun Extras

You'll earn your affiliate commissions, but also new prices as you hit each of the four affiliate levels!

  • Level One: 1-5 Bookings (Commission = 3%)
    Nicely Done! We've added some digital gifts to your portal!
  • Level Two: 6-12 Bookings (Commission = 3%)
    Awesome! Check your email! I've sent you a thank-you gift!
  • Level Three: 13-20 Bookings (Commission = 5%)
    WOW!! Watch your mailbox for some goodies to celebrate with!
  • Level Four: 21+ and Up (Commission = 5%)
    Well, aren't you a VIP!! Look for your VIP BOX to arrive shortly! 


Affiliate Social Media Kit 

I know you'll be shocked to learn, that as a social media company, the first thing I did for this program was to create a social media kit! This means you have the wording, graphics, and email templates to help you share the "100 Post Package."

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