You don't have to be the best-kept secret


Just because you want to stay authentic. 


You know you need to be visible and consistent on social media.

You know you need to get your business in front of more eyes.

But you want to make sure you're staying grounded in who you are as you do it.


I've Created A System

That allows you to show up as your authentic self - with consistency and strategy.

With ONE hour of your time, we create 100 posts

Step One: You record 40 minutes of video content (I'll help you with what to record!)

Step Two: You send me the unedited video, and my team cleans it up (takes out all those ums and likes!) and edits the video into a clean format you can use as a webinar or evergreen funnel.

Step Three: My designer then creates graphics of your top points from the video for you to use

Step Four: My copywriter creates post captions, blog articles, and newsletter content for you

Step Five: We create 20-30 Tik Tok and Reels clips from your original video

Step Six: We schedule it all to auto-post for you!

Tik Tok Videos - Instagram Reels - Blog Articles - Newsletters - Branded Graphics - Podcast Audio - Podcast Show Notes - YouTube Videos

3 Months of Posts Done For You

  • Increase sales with targeted messaging
  • Expand visibility by 20% or more across multiple social media networks
  • Save hundreds of hours in video editing and design work
  • Have multi-media posts including short videos for Tik Tok and Reels, Blog Articles, Newsletters, and Branded Graphics
  • Start a podcast
  • Grow your YouTube channel
  • Create an evergreen sales funnel
  • Have a strategic approach to your social media (stop throwing random posts up and hoping something takes off!)
  • Finally be consistent on social media, with an authentic message and engaging content 

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On Sale July 2022

Total Investment: $1,900

(Regularly $2,500)

With the Done for you Posts Package, you will have the content you need to post daily on each social media site. 


This is for you if...

  • You are often behind on creating posts for your social media profiles
  • You get overwhelmed when deciding what to post each day
  • You are ready to scale your online sales
  • You want to grow your followers on one or more social media app
  • Reels or Tik Tok videos take too long to edit, and you rarely create new videos
  • You have a lot of ideas for posts, but no overreaching strategy
  • You know you need to post consistently, but are often too busy IN your business to focus on your social media
Here's the thing,

You Know You Need To Post Consistently

But you are so busy IN your business, that there never seems to be enough time at the end of the day to create your social posts.


We analyzed the top reasons small business owners struggled to keep up with creating content and designed a system to alleviate each of the top pain points:

  • TIME: Not having the time to create and edit
  • MONEY: It can be costly to hire a full-time social media manager or a full-scale agency
  • POST-PARALYSIS: You have a lot of ideas and possibilities, but where to even start?!
  • LEARNING CURVE: It takes time to learn all the programs you need, and try to keep up with trends

From this, we created a system that alleviates each of these pain points for business owners while creating posts in multiple formats - giving you quality posts, with your authentic brand message, across each of your platforms - with only an hour of your time.


Tik Tok Videos - Instagram Reels - Blog Articles - Newsletters - Branded Graphics - Podcast Audio - Podcast Show Notes - YouTube Videos

I'm Jasmine Partida

 As a digital strategist, I have helped 100s of companies and nonprofits define their strategy for high-converting posts, but I know having the strategy is only half the process. 

 You still need to edit videos, format photos, design graphics, and write blogs! 

I want the world to know how wonderful you and your business are, and creating content should not be the single roadblock holding you back from connecting to new audiences, and ultimately, new clients.

This is how the 100 Posts Done For You Package was born! We leverage our resources to create strategic content for you, in less time.

"I was underutilizing my LinkedIn connections by not regularly engaging on the platform. I hadn't seen results and didn't understand the value of video and daily posts. In an economic downturn, we are now exceeding our sales goal due to our online engagement. "

- James (Mortgage Lender)

"We were able to use our 100 posts for four months, as we had weekly live events and other news to share as well. A very worthwhile investment."

- Emily (nonprofit founder)

"I knew what I needed to do for daily videos and weekly blogs, but I can't run my business, serve my clients, and create Tik Toks. Very thankful for Jasmine and her team! "

- Marilyn (small business CEO)
Yes! I'm ready to grow my visibility

What's Included

  • Full-length video edited and ready to post to Youtube, Facebook, or use as an evergreen sales funnel
  • 5-10 video highlight clips from your video - approximately 5 minutes long 
  • 10 short videos (1-3 minutes long) for Tik Tok, Reels, LinkedIn, and YouTube Shorts
  • 10 videos at 7 - 15 second clips for Tik Tok, Reels, and Youtube Shorts
  • Audio file for podcast 
  • 5 audio-gram posts with your logo
  • Graphic-based video with audio for YouTube publishing, SEO, and podcast
  • 5 audio clips in story form for Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok stories, and LinkedIn
  • Podcast show notes for SEO
  • Podcast transcript
  • Blog article for your website, Medium, and LinkedIn
  • Newsletter article for your email list and LinkedIn newsletter publishing
  •  5 quote graphics pulled from your video content
  • 5 holiday/ national day posts
  • 5 Checklist posts
  • 5 Carousel post sets
  • 20 graphics for Facebook and Instagram stories
  • 5 traffic-driving graphics
  • Scheduling for auto-posting

 Total Investment: $1,900

(Regularly $2,500 / On Sale July 2022)

100 Done For You Post Package

With One Hour of Your Time...

Have the videos, blog articles, and posts you need to scale your online sales.


  • Grow your YouTube channel, website blog, and email list - all at the same time!
  • Gain new followers weekly as you expand your visibility on social media with high-engaging content
  • Stop waking up stressed about what to post on social media each day - saving hours of stress every week trying to create posts
  • Create trending Tik Toks, Reels, and YouTube shorts with ready to post videos
  • Start your podcast, streaming show, Roku channel, or evergreen sales funnel - the possibilities are endless!
I'm ready to scale my sales

Why This System Works

Posts created with this system convert more sales.

  • We are creating written, video, and audio content in your authentic voice
  • Your message is the same across platforms and media styles
  • Graphics are created in your brand colors, building brand recognition
  • Regular posting builds a connection with your audience and bumps you up in the algorithms
  • It takes the stress off of you and gives you back hours of time to focus on your clients and your business

 100 Posts = 3 Months of Content


You know you need to be visible and consistent to grow on social media, but don't have the bandwidth to make it happen?  

You'll love the 100-Post Package.

Total Investment: $2,500



*Enjoy a lower price for our yearly July sale* 

*Includes auto-scheduling

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