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I Guarantee You Were Taught The Wrong Social Media Strategy For Your Business

business marketing content strategy Nov 19, 2022
Monthly social media content done for you

Many social media strategists are teaching strategies that worked for solopreneurs or influencers, and do not translate to businesses.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what I mean.


@jasmine.partida if you want your content to convert to sales, you need to have a business strategy, not an influencer strategy for your socials #businesslife #socialmediastrategy #socialmediastrategy #howtobusiness #contentmarketing #smallbusinessowner ♬ original sound - Jasmine | Social Media Stategy

As a business, your sales goals, your product launches, and your growth projections need to be front and center as you create your social media content.

Too often businesses are creating their MARKETING and their SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY separately.

Create your strategy with these four elements.

ONE: Map out your social media plan with your sales goals & marketing timelines.

Your educating content should focus on what they need to know before they buy. What do you have to address in your FAQ section, what are the top questions you get on your sales calls?

Whether you go with dances, quirky marketing visuals, or personal stories about your process — Entertaining is actually at its core about CONNECTING and being RELATABLE. Don’t get caught up in complicated marketing pieces here, stay grounded in connection.

Stop inspiring us with random quotes you downloaded and posted, inspire us with your process, the lifestyle your product gives us, the way you’re making a difference with your family, and the transformation your service will create for us. INSPIRE us with YOU and what you have for us.


Each of these is a micro-piece of social media content that can be created in multiple forms:

  • Short Form Video
  • Graphic
  • Carousel/Slideshow
  • 5-minute YouTube video
  • Blog Article
  • Newsletter


The reality is you do not need to pump out content just for the sake of content — you need to create content that connects your audience to your products or services.

Starting with a single, quality piece of content that you then make accessible in multiple forms will greatly increase your reach, your exposure, and your leads.




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