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Top 5 Reasons You're Not Posting - And How To Fix Them

content strategy social media strategy Jul 05, 2022
Top 5 Reasons You're Not Posting on Social Media and How to Fix Them

​If you run a business of any size - solopreneur on up - you know how important social media can be to your marketing strategy.

While you may have sales, specials, specific events, and seasonal campaigns, often the day-to-day posting on social media falls through the cracks of other items on your to-do list.

Here are the top 5 reasons business owners are not posting consistently on social media - and how to solve them.

​1. Not sure about your writing
​SOLUTION: Use the app WordTune or ​

First, create your draft content, don't overthink it, and then use one of these apps (both have free & paid versions) to tighten up what you wrote.

​2. Overwhelmed with where to start
​SOLUTION: Start with the top 5-10 questions your clients ask you.

List out the top questions you get asked and the answers - then record these as 1minute videos, publish as posts (with a picture of you attached), create a graphic that is Q&A - and the full list as a blog post on your website!

​3. ​​​Uncomftable on Camera
​SOLUTION: Start with voiceovers and practice face-to-camera videos.

​You can start with images, graphics, presentations, stock footage - all sorts of options! - that allows you to use your voice, but not be on camera to start with. But, be sure to push past your comfort zone too! ​I personally hated being on camera, and started a private Facebook group where it's just me in there - so I ​could practice using the tech, and going live, where no one else was going to run into the video. Added bonus - I can see how far I've come since I started!

​4. The PROCESS to create content is too much
​SOLUTION: Simplify

​You do not need a major machine of content creation and multi-level docs, boards, and excel spreadsheets - none of it. If they help you, sure! That's great - but if it is actually stopping you from posting consistently, and is too much to keep up with - then it is not serving you. Ditch the chaos and get back to basics.

Stay focused on your business goals and what posts will best serve your ideal clients.

5. You don't think you're WORTHY
SOLUTION: Recenter your clients

Some of us struggle to feel worthy in our work, in our success, to put ourselves out there, and to post strong opinions. First of all - if no one has told you today, yes, you are absolutely worthy.

Secondarily, if you are holding back from growing your business because you are concerned about putting yourself out there - focus your posts, blogs, videos, and all of your content on what will serve your clients. What help do they need, what insight could they use, and what would inspire them to keep going. 

Contrary to whatever any marketing guru may tell you - it is not required for you to be the center of your social media. You can show up on video, pictures, and podcasts as yourself, and your content can all be a personal conversation focused on helping your target audience. 

​Happy Posting!