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May Content Calendar

content strategy Apr 10, 2022

May kicks off with Small Business Week. I highly encourage you to partner with other small businesses to help grow your reach. An example may be 5-Days of giveaways, and you partner with four other businesses, each of you taking a day to be the featured business/giveaway. A 5-Day challenge specifically for small business owners, or do intensive, live training.

For families, the end of school wrap-up means weekends and some weeknights are much busier than most of the year. Throw in Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, and this is a tough month to hold an event. That said, you can announce your summer events now - and start getting those tickets sold.

May is the month I have my clients pause for a week or two (after the energy of Small Business Week) and set their intentions for the rest of the year.

We're just about at the six-month point now, so take a look at your sales, marketing, schedule, and be intentional in tightening up where you need it, and strategizing your action plan.



1 Hello May
4 May the 4th Be With You/Star Wars Day (gif)
8 Mother’s Day
16 Mimosa Day
30 Memorial Day 
1-7 Small Business Week


  • Announce Summer Program
  • Spring Sale
  • Small Business Engagement
  • Quote / Inspiration Posts