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Your Content Calendar for February

content strategy Jan 28, 2023

February is jam-packed! Valentine's Day, Presidents Day, Black History Month, Superbowl, and National Bagel Day! * Phew *




This is a great month for a mini-sale that leads toward a larger promotion, as many people take January to reassess their business and by February are looking for sales and services to help them reach their goals. You could even do a different themed sale each week this month! If you go this route, however, announce the full month sale schedule so your audience knows when to focus on the specific sale they are looking for.

This is also the perfect month for a 3, 4, or 5-day challenge or to launch a membership program. Goals are set in January, February is when we get to work!


Here are a few ideas on what to post in February:

  1. Love-themed services: If your business offers services such as couples therapy, wedding planning or romantic getaways, highlight them in a creative and love-themed manner to attract potential customers.

  2. Valentine's Day Offers: Offer special deals and discounts on Valentine's Day to show appreciation for your customers. This is also a great way to attract new customers and increase sales.

  3. Behind the scenes: Share a glimpse of your team in action and showcase the hard work and dedication that goes into providing your services. People love to see the human side of businesses.

  4. Customer Testimonials: Share customer reviews and testimonials that highlight the quality of your services. This can be done in the form of written testimonials, videos, or even social media posts.

  5. Gift Guides: Create a gift guide for Valentine's Day, including suggestions for gifts related to your services. This can be a great way to show off your expertise and help customers find the perfect gift.




February is a month of love and it presents an opportunity for product-based companies to engage with their customers and showcase their products.

Here are some ideas on what to post in February:

  1. Product customization: Offer customers the option to personalize their products with custom engravings, monograms, or special packaging. This can help to increase customer engagement and create a unique experience.

  2. "Month of Love" Giveaway: Host a month-long giveaway to celebrate love and gratitude in February. Encourage customers to nominate someone who has made a positive impact in their life, and then randomly select a winner each week to receive a sample of your products.

  3. Collaborations: Partner with influencers, bloggers, or other businesses to showcase your products and reach a wider audience. Collaborations can also help to increase brand visibility and credibility.

  4. Subscription services: Offer customers the option to subscribe to a monthly delivery of your products, or create a subscription-based service for a new product line. This can help to increase customer loyalty and create a steady stream of revenue for your business.

  5. Product Demos: Showcase your products in action through product demonstrations, tutorials, or how-to videos. This can help potential customers understand the benefits and features of your products.




  • Valentine's Day-themed content:
    1. "10 unique and thoughtful gift ideas for Valentine's Day"
    2. "5 creative date night ideas to try this Valentine's Day"
    3. "Celebrate love with 20% off all our services on Valentine's Day"
  1. Weather-related content:
    1. "5 tips for staying warm and cozy during a winter storm"
    2. "How to prepare your home for extreme cold weather"
    3. "Stay safe on the roads this winter with these driving tips"
  1. Health and wellness content:
    1. "5 healthy and delicious recipes to try this month"
    2. "10 easy ways to incorporate more physical activity into your daily routine"
    3. "3 strategies for reducing stress and improving mental health"
  1. Industry-specific content:
    1. "5 best practices for maintaining your HVAC system in the winter"
    2. "The top 3 trends in web design for 2021"
    3. "How we helped XYZ company increase their sales by 20% with our marketing services"



1st Welcome February

 1st Black History Month

12th Superbowl

12th Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

14th Valentine’s Day

19th National Bagel Day

21st President’s Day

22nd George Washington’s Birthday