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Thanksgiving Week Content Calendar

business marketing content strategy social media strategy Nov 18, 2022
Thanksgiving Week Post Calendar

The holidays are officially here! There are a ton of sales opportunities for your business - and it can be overwhelming trying to decide the best way to leverage end-of-year sales for your business.

If you have not yet sorted out what your sale/offer will be this is for you!!

Start with creating your posts for the week and scheduling them to auto-post for you. This will give you space to define your main holiday offer. 



Saturday: "Vacation-Mode Activated" Create a post that sets the tone for the start of the holiday season.

Sunday: Give us a cozy Sunday moment such as “Today I'm thankful for lazy Sunday mornings with my family.” You can also do your first tease post of your upcoming sales/new product or service.

Monday: Tease your sale - and encourage people to join your newsletter so they can be the first to hear/Get a special online discount/Be the first to grab the limited spots (You can capture these emails through a simple form created in your email platform - Mailchimp, Flodesk, etc. they each have form templates you can use!)

Tuesday: Countdown to sale post - maybe tell us what the sale is if you are using a waitlist format for signups. This can be a sneak peek at your upcoming sale, this can be a fun tease of almost showing us a new product, but not quite - have fun with this! The more original, the better!!

Wednesday: Thankful for our customers/donors - send a short email thanking your followers/donors for their support this year - add in the growth you're company has seen, if you're a nonprofit tell us the highlights of your work this year. NO SALE in this email, however. Do a post with similar content.

THANKSGIVING: You could have your employees share photos of their table settings, and show different traditions - PERSONALIZE your Thanksgiving post, and remind your audience you're a small business.

Friday - Decide if you're doing a #BlackFriday sale or a #CyberMonday sale - if you are doing Cyber Monday, consider celebrating #GreenFriday (more below on this).

Saturday - Small Business Saturday! American Express has a free nationwide map of small businesses you can add yourself to HERE. Create a post celebrating your status as a small business and how supporting a small business instead of a big box store makes a difference in their community.


Want to hear me break these posts and sale ideas down further? Listen in to my latest Tik Toks HERE.




Black Friday

Possibly the most crowded sale day of the year. This can be a great day for your sale because people are expecting sales - but will require a VERY CLEAR message, benefit, and price reduction. If you are an online business consider focusing on Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, or have Black Friday be the beginning of your sale, with a defined end date in a few weeks.


Green Friday

What is Green Friday?! It's one of my personal favorite moments in the holiday season. Green Friday was a concept created by REI to combat the shopping frenzy at the beginning of the 2000s, and take time to get outside and spend time with family & friends instead of in crowded stores all day. The movement includes the #OptOutside hashtag, and you can submit your photos to be featured on REI's website. Park districts across the country have embraced the concept, and often offer free park days on Green Friday. If you are not doing a Black Friday sale, this is a great content idea to use instead!


Small Business Saturday

The #ShopLocal movement grew a great deal during the COVID years. Customers are more likely to want to support small businesses, look for more unique gift ideas, and look for businesses that have shared values. Consider a grounded sales message. Grounded in service to your customers/clients, grounded in how you give back to the community, how your business has helped your family, your employee's families, and so on. Wear your heart on your sleeve and be transparent in the passion that gets you out of bed every day for your small business.


Cyber Monday

Thanks to Amazon, Cyber Monday has become a major shopping day - with brick-and-mortar stores often having online specials on top of their in-person sales. This is a great day for deep discounts, flash sales, and moving products you're looking to clear out before the end of the year. For service-based businesses, if you are doing a cyber Monday deal, start teasing this early with a countdown on your sales page. Deep discounts should be coupled with time timelines, be it hours or days. Have a clear deadline!


Giving Tuesday

Are you a nonprofit? This is your day!! With Facebook and other companies offering donation matches, make sure to leverage #GivingTuesday will a well-rounded campaign that includes a specific target amount you are looking to raise, clarity on how that money will be spent, and personalize the stories of those you will be helping.





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