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Your Complete Strategy in Two Hours


Get the exact strategy I use to increase client sales by 30-50% in four-six months.

It is not a one-size-fits-all approach- which is why it is so successful. It's about deciphering what will work for you and your business goals. It's about complete clarity of your target audience and defining what speaks to them  - where they are.


Personalized Strategy

Utilizing the 7 Elements of Social Media, create a clear strategy aligned with your business, your goals, and critically: your target audience.

4-Parts of a Viral Post

Understand how to create viral messaging and create posts across platforms to build exposure and draw in sales.

Focused Action

Ever feel like you are all over the place on your social media? With content, trying to be on all platforms - we'll break down your action plan to have focus for greater impact.

Build My Strategy Now

Real Results. Every time.

What You Gain in
The Simplicity of Socials


The 7 Elements of a social media strategy

The 4 Key Pieces of a viral post (learn how I regularly take my clients viral)

The 2 secrets I use to be crystal clear on who your audience is (going beyond a client avatar)

Know exactly which platforms you need to focus on

Create a message that converts followers to buyers

Write your social media strategy to grow your business

Get your personalized content creation plan to save you time and stress - creating more content consistently 

Build My Strategy Now


A complete strategic plan to grow your visibility and your sales.  


Are you a business owner who:

  • Wakes up wondering what to post each day.
  • Some posts get lots of comments and likes, others don't - and you're not sure what the difference is.
  • Whose accounts are growing but your sales are not
  • Is not effortlessly reaching new people, the same followers like all your posts

 In The Simplicity of Socials course, we'll cover all of this and more!


In 2-hours you will have

  • Strategic Posting Plan that allows you to post higher quality content, consistently, in less time

  • A defined message to connect with your target audience

  • Deep understanding of WHAT to post and WHERE

  • Your personal process to create content in a couple of hours each month

  • A strategy to move followers forward into clients 

Creating Viral Messaging Since 2014 

 Hello! My name is Jasmine Partida, and I am an expert digital strategist who specializes in creating messaging that goes viral, and creating a true sense of community around brands.

My strategies have brought 5-million marchers to the streets (2017 Women's March, National Team), passed 6.6 Billion dollar bond measures (Measure CC, 2018, East Bay Area), built a Facebook community of 100,000+ in a week, and brought millions in sales to my clients in the past five years alone.

The secret to social media is a mix of:

  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Strategy

and we deep dive into these and the 7-Elements of Strategy in this course.

Let's Get Started!

Real Client Results
No Paid Ads, No Boosting Content

I don’t buy followers, rely on paid features, or any trendy follow for follows. 

Instead, I show you how to create authentic, engaging content that connects with your target audience, and your audience likes it, loves it, comments, saves and shares your content. This increases your exposure, ups your ranking in the algorithm, and increases sales.


What do I do differently to achieve this level of results?

I create a larger strategy, define your custom journey, clarify your target audience, and match your messaging and designs to create a strong brand with a message that resonates and builds trust.

Clarity + Consistancy + Strategy

Build My Strategy Now


I had a one hour call with Jasmine before my first launch, and I took 4 whole pages of notes. Now I always ask to record our calls because she gives has so much info to give. She has so many resources, strategies, and ideas. It is so impressive. I have scaled my company three times, and now I check in with her every time.


I have worked with Jasmine for almost 10 years. She has been involved in some of the biggest movements in the country yet she is so down to earth and fun! There is no denying she gets results


With Jasmine's program, I was able to create my entire brand, website, and socials. It has been a serious game-changer.




When will I have to access to the course?
Immediatly! The entire course is available to you as soon as you purchase!

Who is this course best for?
Small business or nonprofit ready to be focused and strategic in your social media growth.
How long is it?
Just over 2-hours, in a series of 8 videos (though I did through in some bonuses for you, making it a total of 12 video trainings)
What is your refund policy?
3-Days money-back guarantee.
How long will I have access to the course?
Lifetime access plus any updates in the future. (I update every winter when new social media updates are announced)